Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy / Gûzen to sôzô (15)

Gûzen to sôzô (15)
Director: Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
Starring: Kotone Furuka, Ayumu Nakaji, Hyunri, Kiyohiko Shib
Drama, Romance | Japan | 2021
2 hrs 1 min | Subtitles

A triptych of stories that are imbued with a warm spirit of human connectedness and empathy. It is a romantic film that romanticises chance encounters, coincidences and subversions of expectations. Throughout the three stories perceptive writing and characterisation come alive in the best possible way, especially in the third segment which is one of the most masterful pieces of work that Hamaguchi has ever done, and very rightfully placed at the last. Hamaguchi’s fascination with role playing, also a feature of his Academy award winner Drive My Car, reaches its apotheosis in the final section and its emotional power continues to last long after the end credits.

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Tuesday 18 Oct. 7.30 pm

The Mowlem Theatre BH19 1DD

Introduction £7.50: £5.50 (students and under 25s)


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Foreign Language, ROMANCE, DRAMA


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