The Velvet Queen (12A)

Director:Maria Amiguet Vincent Munier
Starring: Vincent Munier, Sylvain Tesson
Wild Life, Documentary | France | 2021
1 hr 32 mins

Two adventurers, the renowned wildlife photographer Vincent Munier and novelist Sylvain Tesson, go in search of the elusive snow leopard. Their hunt is captured in this staggeringly beautiful documentary. We’re transported to the snow-glazed plateaus of Tibet where, amongst its inaccessible valleys and hidden caves, live some of nature’s rarest animals. We’re afforded an eye-opening glimpse into an environment normally closed to humans. First and foremost, The Velvet Queen is jaw-droppingly magnificent, both in terms of the breathtaking landscapes and diversity of fauna on show. It’s also a fascinating insight, philosophically and practically, into the work of a wildlife photographer.

Event Information

Thursday 27 Oct. 6.00 pm Introduction
The Mowlem Theatre BH19 1DD
£7.50: £5.50 (students and under 25s)

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Documentary, Foreign Language


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