The Worst Person In The World (15)

In Norwegian with subtitles.

The Worst Person In The World is a fresh and incisive character study of what it means to live and love in the farrago of the modern world. It follows Julie, a fickle and restless young woman, as she struggles to find equilibrium in her personal and private life in contemporary Oslo.

It  is by turns irreverent, incisive, naturalistic, surreal, funny, shocking, moving and, above all, idiosyncratic and determined to upturn every cliche about relationships and women in film. Every moth eaten cliche in romantic dramas is picked up, inspected and discarded with glee. The ending in particular is not what is usually demanded of romantic movies. 

It all hangs upon the nail of Renate Reinsve’s performance. A note of hesitancy or mediocrity in her performance and the whole house of cards may have come falling down but she shows absolute commitment to her character. Freewheeling around the city of Oslo, stopping to take in the quiet grandeur of a sunset one moment, then gate crashing a party and (in one bravura sequence) testing the limits of monogamy with a stranger the next, Julie is a character who burns off the screen.

A vibrant, no-holds-barred paean to the glorious mess of early adulthood, this indelible film has been one of the most universally praised of modern European cinema.


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