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The Red Turtle (PG)

2016 | The Red Turtle.
Director: Michel Dudok de Wit
Starring: Voices of  Emmanuel Garijo, Tom Hudson, Baptiste Goy

A simple fable told without words. A nameless man, stranded on an island after a disaster at sea, must make peace with his situation. Possessing a resourceful nature and surrounded by abundant resources, he builds several rafts but each meets with a misfortune as he attempts to navigate the tides and currents that lead to the open ocean. A mysterious red turtle is at the heart of his problems – the creature won’t let him leave. This is no ordinary animal, however. After seemingly dying from dehydration and exposure, it magically transforms into a beautiful woman. Once he has connected with his new companion, the man is content to remain and the couple builds a life together that spans decades and includes one child.

Its pro-environmental message leaves a haunting impression.


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