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The Outfit (15)

Director: Graham Moore
Starring: Mark Rylance, Zoey Deutch, John Gumley-Mason
Crime Drama Mystery US 2022
1 hr 46 mins

Movies rarely come as chic as The Outfit, a thrifty, continually unpredictable whodunit, fashioned with the same meticulousness found in the bones of a deceptively simple suit. Graham Moore’s directing duties are achieved with poise, cutting and sewing an understated single-location nail-biter with the same diligence he brought to the polished WWII thriller and award-winner The Imitation Game. Indeed, Moore and his co-writer Johnathan McClain work wonders with the script of The Outfit through a gradually thickening plot that rarely shows its seams. It’s a maze-like puzzle of a film, one that swiftly invites the audience in for an involved round of Cluedo unraveling inside an intimate, handsomely smoky Chicago outfitter dressing its wealthy clientele in the 1950s. Roger Ebert

Event Information

Wednesday 26 Oct. 7.30pm Introduction
Kingston St. James Church, Kingston
BH20 5LL
£6.50: £5.00 (students and under 25s)


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Kingston St James Church