Spanish Night 1: The Good Boss (15)

Director: Fernando Leon de Aranoa
Starring: Javier Bardem, Manola Solo, Almudena Amor
Comedy, Drama Spain 2021
1 hr 56 mins Subtitles

The Básculas Blanco factory wall isemblazoned with the words ‘Effort, Balance, Fidelity,’ and they could be regarded as a wry comment on what goes on between the walls. There’s lot of effort but very little balance and fidelity. The business specialises in the manufacture of industrial scales; it is a family-owned company passed down from the founding father to his son, Julio Blanco, and it’s about to be visited by a local committee to determine if it will take out the top award for excellence in business. It’s an honour that Blanco is determined to win at any cost. Things start to go awry, however, when a series of events combine to chip away at the boss’s veneer of dignified calm. Winner of 7 Awards at the Spanish Cinema Writers Circle

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Thursday 20 Oct. 8.00pm Introduction
Spanish Evening Film 2
The Mowlem Theatre BH19 1DD

Save money with a double bill ticket with this film and Parallel Mothers at 5.30pm for £14 (under 25s £10) otherwise for this film alone £7.50 and under 25s £5.50.


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Foreign Language, DRAMA, COMEDY


Mowlem Theatre