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The Audition

The Audition (2019) France. Subtitles.
Director: Ina Weisse
Starring: Nina Hoss, Sophie Rois, Thorsten Merten

Riding high on a superb central performance from Nina Hoss Weisse crafts a stellar character study which plays like a carefully moderated musical arrangement, equal parts subtle drama and high anxiety.

Hoss plays Anna a stern, arguably contrarian violin teacher at a high school conservatory in Berlin. During the annual entrance exam, she champions the admission of Alexander (Ilja Monti), a boy she believes harbors a distinctive talent despite his deficits in form. Anna believes through significant struggle one can tap into untested reservoirs, and by throwing herself into the training of Alexander for his six month audition, the success of which will dictate his continuation at the school, she taps into her own hidden desires of pursuing recognition as a violinist,


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