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Start: 17 October 2022
From: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Celebrating Cinema: Day For Night (PG) #1


Celebrating Cinema: Day For Night (PG)

Director: François Truffaut
Starring: François Truffaut, Jacqueline Bisset, Jean-Pierre Leaud
Realist Drama France 1973
1 hr 56 mins Subtitles

Truffaut’s film, “Day for Night” was made in 1973 as a cinematic homage to movie making and to those who work within the industry. It takes place in Nice in the south of France. Truffaut himself plays Ferrand, the director of a film which is fraught with the challenges beset by it’s cast and crew, alongside the complications and frailties of their lives. Day for Night is like an anthology of movie-making anecdotes. It presents all and everything about the participants involved as an open book. Now fifty years old, the film defines a period of filmmaking that was undergoing tremendous growth as an industry. Truffaut once said: “The most beautiful thing I have seen in a movie theatre, is to go down to the front and look round at all the uplifted faces, the light from the screen reflected upon them”.

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Sixth and final film in our “Celebrating Cinema series”. The others are:

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Monday 17 Oct. 7.30 pm with Introduction and film
The Rex Cinema BH20 4JX
£7.50: £5.50 (students and under 25s)



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The Rex


Note: the trailer is (badly) dubbed, but the film will be presented without dubbing and will be subtitled.