Compartment No.6 (15)

Sweet-natured, open-hearted Laura meets Vadim, a boorish, drunk young guy who is on his way to get a job in a coal mine in Murmansk and is openly abusive, misogynistic and philistine about Laura’s plans.. Laura has resolved to make the tough rail journey up to Murmansk where she wants to view the petroglyphs there – mysterious rock drawings, thousands of years old. No one wants to help Laura find these petroglyphs that she has set her heart on and travelled so far to see, and it is Vadim himself who has to step up.

Despite the bone-chilling cold of its location in Murmansk in Russia’s remote north-west, there’s a wonderful human warmth and humour in this offbeat romantic story of strangers on a train.
Peter Bradshaw, Guardian


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