Between Two Worlds (12A)

Director: Emmanuel Carrere
Starring: Juliette Binoche, Helene Lambert, Louise Pociecka, Steve Papagiannis
Drama France 2021
1 hr 46 mins

Going to work scrubbing toilets in Caen, France, Binoche’s character Marie eventually finds herself employed where all of the area’s most desperate workers go: on a ferry that departs nearby Ouistreham, France, for Portsmouth, England, and where the work is so extensive and strenuous that workers are expected to clean 230 bedrooms – from bunks to first-class – at a speed of four minutes per room. Marie is eventually revealed not as a housewife but a writer, who wants to understand the lived realities of unemployment and poverty by experiencing them herself. The friendships that form and the subterfuge involved create a gritty drama of jagged furious energy.

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Thursday 27 Oct. 8.00 pm Introduction
The Mowlem Theatre BH19 1DD
£7.50: £5.50 (students and under 25s)

Tickets available from shortly.

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Foreign Language, DRAMA


Mowlem Theatre