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200 Metres

200 Metres (2020) Palestine. Subtitles.
Director: Ameen Nayfeh
Starring: Ali Suliman Anna Unterberger. Lana Zreik

This intimate drama is set around the West Bank barrier between Israel and Palestine. We follow Mustafa, whose living at home in Palestine with his mother, while his wife Salwa and their two children live in Israel, 200 meters away, separated by the barrier. They are so close that during their nightly phone calls, Mustafa flicks the lights from the balcony on and off, with the children responding in kind from their room as both can see the other. While the initial arrangement of them being separated, even by the barrier, works as Mustafa can legally cross into Israel during the day to work and spend time with his family, once he gets the call that his son has had an accident and is in hospital, his expired work visa means that Mustafa will need to be smuggled through to the other side in order to get there. It cannot be underestimated the controversy surrounding the West Bank barrier that separates Israel and Palestine. Depending on who you ask it is a barrier against terrorism or the creation of an apartheid that has separated loved ones.

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